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All specifications subject to change without notice.
Description Symbol Dimensions
Outside Diameter of Part A1 X A2 11.1 X A2*
Thickness of Part T 5.0 max.
Lead Wire Diameter d
pic2.gif (82 bytes)0.43 +0.05
Interval Spacing of Part P 12.7pic7.gif (80 bytes)1.0
Pitch of Leading Hole Po 12.7pic7.gif (80 bytes)1.0
Tolerance of Leading Hole P1 3.85pic7.gif (80 bytes)0.7
P2 6.35pic7.gif (80 bytes)1.0
Lead Pitch F


Inclination pic00.gif (894 bytes)h 0pic7.gif (80 bytes)1.0
Tape Width W 18.2pic7.gif (80 bytes)0.2
Adhesive Tape Width Wo


Tolerance of Leading Hole(Vertical) W1 9.0pic7.gif (80 bytes)0.5
Tolerance of Cover Tape W2 2.0 max.
Bottom Surface Position of Part H 20.5pic7.gif (80 bytes)0.5
Top Surface Position of Part H1 24.0 max.
Hole Diameter Do pic2.gif (82 bytes)4.0pic7.gif (80 bytes)0.2
Tape Thickness t 0.7pic7.gif (80 bytes)0.1
Inclination pic00.gif (894 bytes)h1 0pic7.gif (80 bytes)1.0


HC-49/U A2=13.46 HC-49/T A2=11.0 HC-49/US A2=3.56 Max.